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The Steering Committee meets monthly between January-June and September-October to plan the annual November conference. The year ends with a December evaluation meeting and potluck celebration.

Our work constantly reminds us that we are Sisters in Faith; our shared roots go back to the Bible, to ancestors who prevailed…Eve, Ruth, Naomi, St. Mary Magdalene and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to name but a few. Their struggle to leave a better world for those who follow in their footsteps continues with us.

The Steering Committee is led by two co-chairs, representing each of the faith traditions. The current co-chairs are Doris Haims, Jewish, and Rosario Bayon, Catholic.

We meet on the third Tuesday of each Month, subject to change, at alternating venues, one in the San Fernando Valley and one in West Los Angeles.

Our meetings take place from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. The meetings often include a short dialogue among the committee members. Committee members are encouraged to bring guests who are interested in our organization. The Steering Committee is completely comprised of volunteers.  We have no paid members or staff, hence, no office, and are best reached by email or United States Postal Service mail. Please contact us if you are interested in coming to a meeting.

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If you are currently a Committee Member, please click here to enter your password and view Committee Information. Please contact Barbara Durand to get a password.

Examples of dialogue questions:

Do Jews and Catholics have the same God?

What role do women play in Catholicism? In Judaism?

How do you regard interfaith marriage?

How do you perceive Catholics? How do you perceive Jews?

What do we teach our children?

Is there any common ground between the two religions?

What holidays, customs and ceremonies occur in your religion?

How does your tradition address important life-cycle changes - coming of age, marriage, death?